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2003 制作開始
2004 平成着物図鑑に帯留で掲載
2006 キャッツポーにてグラスアクセサリー教室講師

2007 ビーズグランプリ2007ガラス玉部門佳作入選
2008 GTランプワークコンテスト1'st 金賞受賞
2008 GTランプワークコンテスト2nd 金賞受賞
2008 ビーズグランプリ2008ガラス玉部門佳作入選
2008 ジャパンランプワークソサエティ公募展入選

2009 とんぼ玉に遊ぶ2に作品掲載
2009 こんどうなおみガラス教室開講

2012 Glass Line Magazine  Small but Beautiful 入選





Naomi Kondo


Awards: The 1st GT Lamp Work Contest in 2008 / Gold Award

          The 2nd GT Lamp Work Contest in 2009 / Gold Award

          Beads Grand Prix 2008 / Fine Work in Glass Beads Div.

               Glass Line Magazine  Small but Beautiful 


          Also exhibited at other exhibitions throughout Japan



The concept of my work is “loveliness and delicacy”.

I like it best when the colored glass is sparkling through clear glass.

Then, I craft miniatures of fruit or motif of storybook,

wrap them with clear glass, and make them into glass beads.

As for material, I’ve come to use borosilicate glass after trying several

 kinds of domestic and imported glasses. It can achieve

the coloring most suitable to my work while showing the colored glass inside the best.

I enjoy depicting the beauty of fragile fruits, buds, or flowers

with glass which is actually a hard material.

The theme of fruits and flowers is popular; however,

I create an exquisite piece of my own by incorporating techniques of precise work and delicate finish. Color shading and fine lines from the petals towards the hearts

as well as simple pattern are finished elaborately especially with extra care.